About Being Human E-Cycle

A company that strives to be a pioneer in the field of Green Technology. To provide a platform to the citizens of this planet to ride, take in more of nature and stay healthier. To change the way you commute; this is commute made fun. Catering to the daily needs of people across all ages, a product which provides the highest level of safety and quality and additionally converts a part of your contribution towards Being Human – the Salman Khan Foundation which supports the twin causes of Education and Healthcare for the Underprivileged.

Our Vision

We aim to bring joy in the lives of people with our products and services, by changing the way they move. These are products which do not compromise. Each product will be a new generation with increasing affordability, helping us to work towards our mission to accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable energy.

The Future of Transportation is Electric

Electric bikes are a new and promising alternative form of urban transportation. They provide all the advantages of a regular bicycle while eliminating one of the bicycle’s main drawbacks, lack of power. You can pedal normally and just use the motor to help out on hills and headwinds, or use the motor all the time just to make riding easier and faster.

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is actually a human-electric hybrid. Just as an electric car is a hybrid between a battery and a gasoline engine, an electric bicycle is a hybrid between a battery and your leg power.

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