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Being Human Electric Cycle BH27 comes with three modes i.e. manual (pedal only), throttle (accelerator) and pedal assist mode. It is powered by a Lithium ion Battery which gives up to 40kms of ride in a single charge, with a max speed of 25 km/hr. It comes with Shimano 7 speed gears, adjustable front suspension, adjustable seat, LCD display, LED front light and alloy wheels, to provide a seamless riding experience.  

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Product Description

Pedal Assist Mode (Use pedal + throttle)
Turn the E-Cycle (motor) on by pressing the ‘M’ button on the LCD panel. When the motor is on, it will always default to pedal assist mode 1 (top-right corner of LCD display). Pedal slowly at pedal assist level 1 to start the motor. The motor starts providing assistance when sufficient manual pedaling force is applied. Using the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons, adjust the pedal assist mode from 1 to 5 (1-minimum assistance, 5-maximum assistance), depending on the level of assistance required.

Full Throttle Mode (No manual pedaling)
Turn the E-Cycle (motor) on by pressing the ‘M’ button on the LCD panel. From the default mode 1(top-right corner of LCD display), press the Minus (-) button to go to the full-throttle mode (without pedal assist) and use the throttle lever (hand accelerator) to control the speed. The top-right corner of LCD at this time would display Zero (0) i.e. Zero assistance, indicating the full throttle mode.

Manual Pedaling Mode
Your E-cycle can also be driven in manual (pedal only) mode by turning off the motor through the LCD panel by pressing the ‘M’ button.

Cycle Assembly & Installation
The E-Cycle comes in 80% assembled condition & the front tyre, handle & pedals needs to be assembled. The video present in the video tab would help you with the step by step process of assembling the E-Cycle. You could assemble the cycle on your own using the Allen Key & Cone Wrench that comes with the box or can take it to the nearby bicycle shop & in either case it would take around 20 minutes for full assembly.

Shimano Gears

Features that go the distance. Shimano 7 speed gearbox with athumb shifter.

Led Headlight

The E-Cycle is equipped with super bright LED headlight to make the riding experience as safe as possible.

LCD Display

A LCD monitor that displays the battery level and voltage is mounted on the handlebars. The desired information is arranged logically in a user -friendly and uncluttered manner.


Ore premium-quality, sturdy and lightweight steel frame were specifically developed for E-Cycle, for extra stability and rigidity.


Safety first! Both wheels of the Being Human E-Cycle are equipped with mechanical disk brakes of superior quality.


With regards to the wheels of our E-Cycle, our entire focus is on stability and safety. With 26 X 2.10 high-quality nylon tyres, we only user products that meet our high requirements.


The extremely compact and quite 250w Brushless DC Motor place in rear hub with a voltage of 36w powers the Being Human E-Cycle. With a maximum speed upto 25 km/hr (with an automatic cut-off enabled) you are ensured of a unique riding experiance.


The Being Human E-Cycle comes with adjustable front suspension to ensure a smooth ride even when roads arent’s.

Weight 23 kg

Red, White, Black, Yellow


Battery – 36V, 7.8AH
Cells Brand – Powered by Samsung
Charging time – 4-5 HOURS
Range Per Charge – 40-45 Km
Battery Life – 3 Years Life


Motor – 36V 250W Rear Hub
Motor Torque(Nm) – 40 Nm
Max Speed – 25 Km/Hr

Functional Specs

LCD Display
Front Light – LCD Head Lights
Pedal Assist – Yes
Throttle – Half Throttle Analog
Cut Off – Motor Power Cut-Off Upto 25Kmph


Battery Warranty – 1 Year / 600 Cycles
Motor Warranty – 1 Year
Controller Warranty – 1 Year

Technical Specs

Gears – 7 Speed Shimano
Brakes – Front & Rear Mechanical Disk Brakes
Front Fork – Adjustable Front Suspension with Lock
Frame – Steel Frame
Tyres – 26" X 2.10
Rims – Alloy Wheels
Cycle Weight – 23 Kgs