Protect yourself from fraud

1. The website does not end in .com

All Being Human E-cycle websites are registered as and end in a .com. While our authorized retailers may differ slightly, you will never see Being Human E-cycle or our partners use:

2. The site uses a nonsensical combination of letters

Scam sites use a variety of URLs to attempt to appear legitimate or confuse consumers by choosing words and letters that are close to the brand name.

3. The deal is too good to be true

If an advertisement is telling you that the E-cycle you want is now 70%-90% off, they are lying to you. Do not click on the advertisement. Do not give them your money.

4. The website’s content is poor

We protect and build our brand with content that is built by professionals and hold our authorized retailers to a similar standard. If the website design is poor, if the language is sloppy, is devoid of product information, product photography, etc. it is not a legitimate website.

5. The site was advertising on social media

While Being Human E-cycle and our authorized retailers do advertise on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, so do fake websites. Again, look at the URL, the offer, and the advertisement’s content and think before you click.

6. The contact information is suspicious

Being Human E-cycle and our retailers hold ourselves to a very high standard of customer service. If you cannot reach the person you are buying from, do not buy from them.

7. You cannot pay with a credit or debit card

Any site asking you to pay either with cash, check, wire transfer, or money order is not a legitimate website.

8. The site is relatively new

You can check to see how long a website has existed by entering it into If the site is brand new and offering steep discounts, do not purchase anything from them.

If you feel you have been a victim of a fake website

If you feel as though you may have given your personal information to a fraudulent website, call your bank or credit card company. Unfortunately, there is little Being Human E-cycle can do if you have given money or information to a fake website. Being Human E-cycle and its retailers do not match prices found on fake websites.